Best Fish and Chips In The World & Any Train's The Right Train, Right?

Season 2 - Episode 04

The 4th episode of our revamped travel podcast is out! We discuss expensive Australian postage and beer, tell a story about eating in Hong Kong, and learn of Hanna's misadventures on a German train.

Hello vicarious travelers and welcome once again to Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia! For our American listeners: Happy Thanksgiving next week! Oddly enough, it’s not celebrated in Australia. The just call it Thursday. We did, however, see a turkey. No kidding. We stalked an Australian brushturkey through the rainforest -- only to discover that they’re actually quite common. So less stalking and more… following.

As lovely as Australia is, it’s damned expensive. At $2.75 AUD for a postage stamp, our fundraising via postcards from abroad is taking quite a hit this month. Coupled with the insanely pricey beer ($50 AUD for a case of crappy beer?), we’re blowing through our funds at an astronomical rate. We’d call the pricing criminal, but that would just be playing to a stereotype. And we’d not get on with the show. Which we should.

We share two travel stories on today’s program, one from Hong Kong and one from Germany:

1. Best Fish & Chips In The World

Music credit: Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod

While we were in Hong Kong, we met up with Periscope legend Jonathan JK. If you’re not following him; you should be. He’s a prodigious live broadcaster, letting you live like an expat in Hong Kong vicarious through his scopes.

The intent of our meeting was so that he could interview us live on Periscope. That happened, but you’ll be happy to learn that we captured the audio, and can therefore bring you the choice bit where we talked about the yummy, yummy food of Hong Kong. That story included the best fish & chips in the whole wide world -- Hooked. And we’re totally not kidding about that.

2. Any Train's The Right Train, Right?

Music credit: Carnivale Intrigue by Kevin MacLeod

Train travel is a great way to get around Europe. But it really helps to get on the right train, which starts by putting in the right destination.

When we were in Bangkok, we caught up with fellow traveler Hannah Logan from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel. She’s mostly known for her misadventures, and it’ll all make sense when you hear the story she’s about to tell.

And that’s the show!

As you’ve heard, we’ve completely reworked the second season of our podcast. You’re getting more stories from us. You’re hearing great tales from other travelers. And we’re using some fun and quirky music that fits our personalities much better. In the coming weeks, you may hear from a few people you already know, too!

You know what would really help us? Spreading the word. We’ve heard from a few of our friends who say “oh, I didn’t know you’ve changed the format!” You can help us with that. Take to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, whatever you’re into, and tell your friends to check us out!

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode.

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