We Put The Beer In 4DX & Photographing Mrs. Not-Huh

Season 2 - Episode 03

We debated not putting out a show this week, in light of the myriad attacks by Daesh. But we can’t stop bad things from happening, and figure you might welcome a light-hearted break from the bad news. This week, we tell a stories of sneaking beer into a Hong Kong movie theater, and our friends Amber & Eric from With Husband In Tow relate the magic of one photo taken in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hello vicarious travelers and welcome to Airlie Beach, Australia! We haven’t actually seen all that much, as we’ve been playing catchup from the prior six weeks of nearly non-stop travel. Welcome to the realities of a life living abroad: sometimes, you have to work. Even in paradise.

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We share two travel stories on today’s program, one from Hong Kong and one from Hanoi, Vietnam:

1. We Put The Beer In 4DX

Music: Danger Storm by Kevin MacLeod

Remember when you were 16 and you snuck beer into the theater? We did that too, but we had a lot more fun sneaking a couple of craft beers into the advanced screening of The Martian when we were in Hong Kong. No, we didn’t get arrested, but we almost got lost on the huge escalators. Even before we’d been drinking!

2. Photographing Mrs. Not-Huh

Music: Bit Quest by Kevin MacLeod

We caught up with our friends Amber and Eric of With Husband In Tow at the TBEX conference in Bangkok. They’ve recently moved to Bangkok full-time. For now. They put down pretty shallow roots as they get itchy feet easily. Sorta like us!

As a fellow photographer, the story of the photograph of Mrs Not-Huh really spoke to Sheila. That, and we’re genuinely in love with VIetnam. Experiences like the ones they've had in Vietnam illustrate the many reasons why.

And that’s the show!

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Thanks to our good friends Steve and Emily for letting us stay in their amazing vacation home in the Whitsundays area of Queensland. The water is the most amazing color of turquoise! Too bad we have to share it with so many jellyfish. (Boo.)

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See you next week from Airlie Beach once again!

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