Aussie Animals That Haven’t Tried To Kill Us & Breaking Out Of A Finnish Prison

Season 2 - Episode 5

Ending up in a Finnish prison does not sound like the way we’d want to end our journeys. But that’s exactly what happened to our friend Skye. And oddly enough, Australia’s wildlife has failed to kill us. Yet. Hopefully we’ll have the audio recorders running when they make their next attempt.

Hello vicarious travelers and welcome once again to Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia! We have made friends here both in the wildlife and human life.

Evo needs to start the show with a huge mea culpa to all our Periscope followers. He’d promised you a scope of the flight over the Great Barrier Reef. And scope he did… but from the wrong account. Oops. You’ll have to live with the images and blog post. For now. Sorry.

We share two travel stories on today’s program, one from Australia and one from Finland:

1. Aussie Animals That Haven’t Tried To Kill Us

Music credit: The Lift by Kevin MacLeod

We’ve been in Australia for almost a month now and have seen a wide variety of wildlife. And like anyone not born here, we’ve been told all our lives that every creature in Australia is deadly. So cautious though we’ve been, we’re a little disappointed that nothing has even tried to kill us. Maybe that’s because we’re not trying to lick them.

2. Breaking Out Of A Finnish Prison

Music credit: Sticks and Ticks by Kevin MacLeod

While at TBEX in Bangkok we chatted with Skye from Skye Travels. Skye is a solo traveler who seeks adventure and is on a quest to get to every country. He tells a great story about an original sea fortress in Suomenlinna that’s a Unesco World Heritage Site -- and also a now prison. Somehow, he managed to break his way into a prison. That’s a first.

And that’s the show!

We’re wrapping up our final week in Airlie Beach and really would like to thank our friends Steve and Emily for the use of their beautiful vacation home in the Whitsundays.

Next week Cassie and Evo discuss one of the best inventions ever for digital nomads, Skype. And we’ll do our best to recant the tale of flying over the Great Barrier Reef.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode.

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