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On occasion, people like to interview us for their blog, podcast, newspaper, or TV show. Here's what we've done so far. (And yes, we'd love to chat with you, too!)

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We work with a variety companies, agencies, and other parties looking for a different spin on travel blogging. And we're always looking for more outlets!

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Who Are The Opportunistic Travelers?

Evo Terra is an experienced podcaster, published author, and media professional with over a decade of executive leadership in advertising, marketing, and digital strategy. He has over 1,000,000 followers on Google+, is the author of Podcasting for Dummies, and a professional keynote speaker. Learn more about Evo at

Sheila Dee is a photographer, instructional designer, and community leader, with nearly a decade of experience in the travel industry. Learn more about Sheila at

Together, they bringing their combined years of experience as storytellers to the world of travel blogging and photography. Instead of of focusing on top 10 lists and product reviews, the offer their audience a chance to travel vicariously through them, developing deeper relationships than ever before. Get in touch today to schedule interview or to discuss how they can create outstanding content for your brand.