Separating Bullshit from Beauty in Siem Reap

If Siem Reap Cambodia isn’t on your bucket list - your bucket list sucks. Listen to find out why we were so impressed with the history and not even a little concerned we looked like a couple of tourists.

Season 4 is still in development (which means we don’t know what the hell we’re doing), but we still have stories to tell. So until we figure out what Season 4 will actually be, we’ll keep putting out great stories as they happen to us. If that’s OK with you.

Gotta cover the fantastic time we had in Siem Reap, Cambodia. To call it “touristy” is stupid. Yes, it’s touristy. It’s the whole reason you show up at Siem Reap: To explore the most amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site the world has to offer. Not kidding. The Angkor Wat complex -- some of it build 1100 years ago -- is something you simply must experience. Hands down, it’s the most amazing historical site we’ve visited to date. No, we’re not archaeologists. But it beats the pants off Ayutthaya. Learn to stack a brick, people.

Wanna see? Sheila has some of the photos published, though she probably still has a few thousand more to go. And remember, these photos aren’t going to do it justice. Which is why you have to go. Or I suppose you could just listen to us talk about it. (But seriously, you’ll want to put this place on your list!)

Some topics you’ll learn if (and only if) you listen to the episode:

  • Why you wouldn’t want to be a Khmer king

  • Why you’re shouldn’t waste any time price-shopping for Angkor Wat tours

  • How to detect bullshit from your guide as it relates to dinosaurs and precious stones used as lighting effects

  • Why Traditional Khmer Medicine isn’t a thing, which is a good thing

  • Why archaeology isn’t a spectator sport

  • Why not all old things are cool, but why the old things in Siem Reap are more than cool

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A rare photo of just the two of us at Angkor Wat.

A rare photo of just the two of us at Angkor Wat.