Housesitting In America? Yeah, That's A Thing.

Sure, house sitting works for long-term, never ending travelers. But as we just re-discovered, it's a great way for the infrequent vacationer to handle accommodations, too.

As a long term reader of this infrequently updated travel blog, you know that it was housesitting that let us travel the world on the cheap for an entire year. For us, we'll always remember 2015 as the year we had no home but only paid for ~30 nights in a hotel. Pretty sweet.

Since establishing our new home-base in Bangkok at the start of 2016, we haven't had cause to do much house sitting. Which got us to thinking: Why the hell not? I mean, it's not like we stopped traveling. So why not look at our future travel plans and see if we can skip the hotel charges the next time we travel?

Yeah... it took all of about two days to confirm what we suspected: People want to travel out of their home towns the same time we want to travel to theirs.

Case in point: Huntsville Alabama, where we're headed in a just a few short weeks to attend another TBEX conference. A quick check of Trusted Housesitters showed that someone needed a sitter for a couple of weeks before the conference started. Perfect. We applied, they reached out to us in a matter of days, and less than a week later, we sealed the deal via a Skype call. So that's a grand that stays in our pocket, easy and we get to play with a beautiful German shepherd!

Oh, in other news: We're coming back to America. If you find yourself in or near Huntsville (yeah, that's a stretch) from mid-April to very early May, come say hi!