Denmark Velkommens ShEvo!

Thanks for the helpful welcome basket, Richard!

Thanks for the helpful welcome basket, Richard!

Late Wednesday night, we arrived in the bedroom community of Kokkedal, Denmark. We also arrived very tired, having barely the energy to briefly interact with our new host family, Richard and Nina, before begging off and hitting the sack.

Thursday was a day of recovery. The prior day of travel was literally an all day affair, and we were behind in several projects. Other than the quick walk I took with the dog, we didn't leave the house as we tried to get ourselves unburied. 

We were mostly successful and had planned on spending Friday getting ahead. Yeah... that didn't happen. Figuring out the transit system is non-trivial, and we spent a lot of the day going back-and-forth between here and Copenhagen. More on the reasons behind some of those trips in this weekends podcast. Yes, I'm being a tease.

The one Big Rock for me was setting up our Patreon page. Several people had been needling me to do just that, and I'd been dragging my heels. I'm really not good at asking for money. But after looking at several good examples and doing a little soul searching (Nope, still missing.) I decided to take the plunge. So for those of you who've been asking how you can support us so we can keep the ShEvo train rolling even longer, you have your answer: Patreon

I also have a video from today I'll post in a moment. And a lot of crazy audio to edit, which I really need to get started on. This weekend's episode is going to be interesting!