Evo Terra Selected As Opening Keynote At Nordic Bloggers' Experience 2017

Though I'll have to find something warm to wear (see: Bangkok and Phoenix), Evo's looking forward to my first ever trip to Finland next January! I've been selected as the opening keynote for the Nordic Bloggers' Experience convention, held in conjunction with the Matka Nordic Travel Fair.

The topic of my keynote presentation will be [The] Future of travel blogging – and what tourism marketers need to know about it. Of course, if you've seen any of my other presentations, you know I'm taking liberties with the concept of future. I might (as in definitely am) going a little farther along in the future than trends for 2017.

Then again, things are happening pretty quickly. Maybe what I offer won't seem so far-fetched after all? 

If you're already registered to attend, I look forward to seeing you in Helsinki. And if you wouldn't mind bringing me some warm clothes, that would be super! See you in the frozen north in a few months