Airing Out The Stereotypes Of Third World Air Travel [Season 5, Episode 9]

A critical take-down of the ignorant assumptions untraveled Americans have about air travel too and from developing nations.

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Today, we are going to talk about travel. Yes, we’ve talked about travel for the better part of 4 years. But this time, we’re taking a broader look at how air travel works in places like Southeast Asia. Because unless you’ve experienced it first hand, you likely have some misconceptions about air travel in developing nations.

Topics covered include:

  • “Taxis” aren’t always taxis

  • Not-so-simple online checkin

  • curbside check-in

  • Airports that make LAX and DFW look like regional airstrips

  • Standing on the walkways

  • Why we really dislike KLIA (Kuala Lumpur Int’l Airport)

  • Immigration miscues and mis-queues

  • Planes don’t fly out of the sky

  • No chickens on the plane

  • Only beautiful people allowed as flight crew

  • Exceptional food

  • … and more!

So leave your assumptions aside and listen in as we tell you why air travel to developing nations is often rather great.

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