Good Cambodian Weed Makes Stevo Joslin Suffer

Find out why we left Bangkok for Huntsville Alabama and why you should always take the coconut oil offered by tourists with oozing wounds the next time you’re in on a tropical island in Cambodia.

Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy travel podcast:

  • Just why the hell we are in Huntsville, Alabama
  • Teasers for Season Four of This One Time (Podcast)

  • A comparison between Uber Huntsville and Uber Bangkok

  • Vampiric flies, swarms of urchins, sinking kayaks, lighting storms, and a post-zombie apocalypse Cambodian hotel with comedian Steveo Joslin.

Extended notes:

So yeah… Huntsville. Not a place that was high on our travel bucket list, but when TBEX asked Evo to speak in the Rocket City, we jumped at the chance. It happened to coincide with Sheila’s vacation schedule, so we picked up a housesitting assignment and came in a few weeks early. Because now that we live abroad, we’re trying out the “vacation in America” thing.

We opted not to rent a car and have been relying on Uber drivers to get us around. Beyond sticker shock, we’re experiencing the, er… local flavor Uber has in this town. We’re certainly not in Bangkok! While we’re here, we’ll be picking up, filling out, staining with something interesting, and mailing postcards to our supporters, just like we do every month. If you’re not on the list, now is the time to sign up. (Yes. We stain postcards before sending them out. What… that’s not a thing?)

And because you’re probably sick of our funny stories, we brought in comedian Stevo Joslin to tell you about a travel-gone-wrong story from Cambodia. Stevo is an American who lives in Phnom Penh. While he’s busy telling jokes onstage at local comedy clubs, his wife Jen runs a travel blog called Two Can Travel, though I’m not sure the story Stevo tells ever made it on the  blog. Because any story starting with “we were human flypaper” isn’t likely to bring in loads of vacations seekers, right?

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