How Finland Plays Russian Hockey

From inappropriate music to inappropriately dressed cheerleaders, NHL fans will be a little surprised when they take in a match in the Kontinental Hockey League (totally not a typo.)

Click to listen to all the inappropriateness!

Click to listen to all the inappropriateness!

Kanchanaburi is where the bridge on the River Kwai is. And while it's a lovely part of Thailand to visit on a motorbike, it's not even a little funny. So we're skipping that as our topic for the show and continuing on our theme of Evo recanting stories from his visit to Finland. You’ll recall he was the keynote speaker for the Nordic Bloggers Experience / Matka 2017 conference and spent a few week there recently. If you missed the stories of why Evo is known as the American icehole and how Finnish sauna beats the pants off Thai sauna, you’ll want to catch those as well.

Today, it's all about Russian Hockey -- in Finland. Evo & Nathaniel from Holocene took Forenom (great Helsinki accommodations, by the way) up on their offer of a free hockey game, where they got an education on NHL vs Russian Hockey as they watched the Jokers beat up on some team from Kazakhstan.

And yes, there’s a difference between watching a hockey game in the Russian pro league vs the NHL. Most notable? Cheerleaders and completely inappropriate music played between during stoppage of play. One of those was great. The other was comical. Pro tip: Inya should never be played during a hockey game. Ever.

And for the history buffs, you'll get a chance to become exasperated at Evo's made up on the spot rundown of Kazakhstan's glorious past. He might have wanted to look up the Wikipedia entry at least.

Postcards from the River Kwai are en route. Want one? Get one. We'll be in Cambodia next month and would love to send you one. So get on the list, because we would love to send you a postcard from there.

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