City Guide to Santiago de Compostela is live!

Santiago de Compostela -- or just "Santiago" to most -- is a lovely town in the far northwestern corner of Spain. It's the capital of Galicia, one of many autonomous regions of Spain, and is rich with its own culture, history, and even language. Santiago is known mostly for "The Camino", a centuries-old religious pilgrimage that brings tens of thousands of people -- on foot -- to Santiago every month.

But that's not what brought us to town. No, we came to enjoy the people and the food, both of which we found in abundance. Surprisingly, we also connected to a growing craft beer movement that's sweeping this Europe right now.

In this, our City Guide to Santiago de Compostela, we cover the sights and sounds we personally experience along the way, sprinkling our stories in with a few facts here and there. Hey, you can get a travel guide to Galicia from any number of resources. We know it's our heathy dosage of "us" that keeps you interested.

Enjoy this free guide. And if you do make it to any of these places in and outside of Santiago, tell them ShEvo sent you.