Last Night In Nutty Knutsford

Now that we've achieved minor celebrity status, it's time to say goodbye to Knutsford England. We've certainly made our mark!

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  • EVO: Today is  the final day of our stay in Knutsford. As you've heard and seen, we've made fast and hopefully long lasting friends with of many of the locals. 
  • SHE: According to those friends, we've achieved minor celebrity status. More than once this week, we were approached by locals stating "Oh, you're the American's everyone is talking about." Except they said it in an authentic English accent. Not my poor facsimile. Last night at open mic night, as song after song was dedicated to us, the performers we'd met were telling the audience to follow our blog and listen to this podcast. Crazy!
  • EVO: Hey, if we have to get new listeners and readers one small English town at a time, I'll take it. We didn't know what to make of Knutsford when we first arrived, with it's odd mix of old money, nuevo riche, farmers, and regular blokes. But it's turned out to be an amazing experience, and one we'll likely come back for. Because they like us. They really like us! If you visit Knutsford, mention you're a friend of ShEvo. They'll likely show you a great time, too.
  • SHE: Speaking of Friends of Shevo, we finally got the postcards sent out. Yes, I know you're sick to death hearing  us talk about those damned post cards. But they really were instrumental to our minor celebrity status, as Evo recounted as we were walking out of the grocery store-cum-post office after licking 32 stamps.
  • [post post cards]
  • EVO: All debauchery aside, we are ostensibly a travel podcast. A strange one, to be sure, but we do get out to see the sights and attractions near by, and like to share them with you. Sometimes we have some really odd experiences to share, like the White Nancy. It'a a monument, of sorts, that's at the top of a very tall hill in Macclesfield, about 30 minutes east of Knutsford. And you know what very tall hills mean. More heavy breathing.
  • [white nancy]
  • SHE: The poem Evo didn't recognize was the Ode To Remembrance, written in 1914  to commemorate the fallen British soldiers from World War 1. The original White Nancy structure built almost a century before, to commemorate the winning of the battle of Waterloo. Why lyrics from an Oasis song are stenciled on the other side is anyone's guess.
  • EVO: We have one last clip to play, but I need to do two things very quickly. First, a huge thanks to Paul Fischer for telling us how bassey our bed music was while listening in his car. That should be fixed, Paul. If any of you hear anything that's odd or you just don't like, please tell us. We're only 12 episodes in and don't have the benefit of the full studio with us. Please, let us know what's not working or what we can improve upon.

    Lastly, before I let Sheila intro our final clip, it seems our adoption of the moniker The Opportunistic Travelers was spot on. We'll have more details for you next week, but if any of you are going to TBEX in Costa Brava in May... save us a spot at the bar. Because you'll probably see us there!
  • SHE: Now, we're just going to make you hungry. Everyone we've met raves about Seven Sisters Ice Creamery. It's just about a mile out of town, and quite popular. Families love it, because they let the kids pet the actual dairy cows the produce the milk. We skipped the cow petting and got straight to the ice-cream selection. Again, sorry for the salivation you're about to experience.
  • [seven sisters]
  • EVO: And if that doesn't make you jealous -- because lets face it, good ice cream isn't all that hard to find -- we got to see the solar eclipse this morning. The clouds broke just long enough for us to see the maximum coverage, and it was, at it always is, an amazing sight. There are pictures up on my Instagram feed, and Sheila has a One Minute Memory on her YouTube Page that captured the light. So if you missed it, you can live that through us, too. Cheers from Knutsford!

New episodes of The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast are available every Saturday. Of course, Saturday can be a very different thing depending on where we are in the world. Cheers!