She Gets Mothers Day ... Twice!

Remember last week when we celebrated the coming of spring? It seems we angered the weather gods, because winter showed back up again. Oh, England. But it is Mothers Day over here. Everyone tell Sheila Happy Mothers Day!

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #10

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Greetings from Knutsford!

So much for the double-digit weather we were having last week. The clouds hid the sun from us most of the week, followed by wind and rain. Old man winter doesn't seem to want to give up the goose, as many of you in other places are finding out, too. But it'll happen, right? Unless we're at the start of another mini ice age. Sure feels like it. (And don't start with us, you people in Phoenix.)

We covered most of the fun stuff on yesterday's podcast episode, so we won't regurgitate it here. But for those that don't listen to the show, we're going to Thailand for at least three months. That'll be fun!

We really embedded with the locals last week, making some outstanding friends. You've already read about the drunken kidnapping and heard us rave about Adam's music, but our newfound friends go beyond those things. First to music: Joe Wee is a local entrepreneur who, when he's not discovering and publishing games like Angry Birds (not kidding), focuses on his singing and songwriting. Evo and Joe struck up a conversation about Joe's beautiful Takamine guitar, when the topic of acoustic basses came up. Long story short: Joe is now the proud owner of Evo's Ibanez, and Evo's one bag lighter for the remainder of the trip! 

Our beer fortunes have turned around, too. We've met a local beer fan, Rick Dean, who not only pointed out where we should go, but also hand-delivered a few tasty beverages to us. In turn, we've connected him with the owners of The Cheese Yard so that he can play the role of beer geek for a yet-to-be-scheduled beer and cheese pairing. We attended the wine and cheese event and struck up a conversation with the Sarah, the owner of the Cheese Yard. The shop carries a great selection of local beers, and we know that Rick will make an excellent subject matter expert to help them craft the perfect evening of parings. If only we could be there! If it's anything like the event we attended -- hobnobbing with city council members, business owners, and long term residents, it'll be an event to attend!

Back to bags for a moment: Sheila's downsizing hers. Yes, her single suitcase is too big. We bought another smaller case and are shipping back the old one filled with the things we just don't need. She'll still have a total of three bags -- suitcase, backpack, and guitar. But Evo? He'll be down to one. His guitar sold, and he's shipping his carryon bag back to the States to put in storage. (It's a really nice bag.) One bag, with all his worldly possessions. Crazy, no?

Where we're heading next

Next week is our last in Knutsford. When this newsletter goes out, we should be overnighting in Manchester, off to a few days outside of Leeds before heading to our next assignment in Sheffield. So if the newsletter is a little delayed next week... have a heart?

Cheers from Knutsford!

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