Juicy Burger - Restaurant

Juicy Burger is a trendy, tiny restaurant in the Meatpacking District. It really feels like you've stepped into a kitchen than a restaurant, and that's on purpose. You eat in and around the kitchen, without any distinct "tables" or other things really denoting where you eat versus where they cook.

The menu is pretty limited -- a burger. You can make it a double. And for vegetarians like Sheila, they make a sort of potato sandwich that was tasty enough. Drinks are limited to what's in the cooler. The burger itself was plenty juicy. Oh, and one thing to get used to in Denmark -- they'll never ask you how you'd like your patty prepared. It's medium, bordering on medium rare. Which is how Evo likes it, so no worries. If you're a well-done type person... you may have to adapt. But then it wouldn't be very juicy. So yes. Adapt.