Stats & Numbers

It's not all about the numbers, but numbers matter. But we're happy to share them with you. Heck, we'll even send you screen shots so you know we're not lying. 

For April 1 - April 29, 2016

How We Work With Clients

To be honest, we're picky. And we don't fall into the normal "travel blogger" box. See those numbers right up there if that seems puzzling. We don't go on free press trips. We don't create content in exchange for a free hotel room or nice dinner. But we can and do work with brands who see the value in not only plugging into our audience, but also in helping the brand tell their stories better.

Below are just some of the ways we've worked with clients in the past. Get in touch, and let's see how we can work with you!

Product Reviews People Actually Want To Read

Getting influencers to say nice things is the goal of many marketing managers. But the elephant in the room is this: Reviews only work for people far down in the conversion funnel.

With us, everything is a story. People are hungry for well-told stories, and we've a knack for working products into the real, honest-to-goodness stories that happen to us. Call it "native advertising" if you like. We don't even think of it as product placement. Most importantly: readers don't think of it this way either.

Experiential Videos People Want To Watch

Commercials and other informative promotional videos have their place. But with few exceptions, few people are browsing YouTube to learn about features and benefits.

Our videos are fun and interesting because of the story they tell. No talking heads. No info dumping. Just the sights and sounds that are hard to cram in a product brochure. 

These aren't cookie-cutter videos. There's no mold or real script to follow. It's real life experiences that people are hungry to watch.

Freelance Photography Worth Viewing

Sheila's eye and camera come with every assignment, but she's also available for independent projects. She's been a staff photographer for Ignite Phoenix and Improv AZ, and had her work showcased at RAW and private gallery events.

Freelance Writing Worth Reading

Evo's a published non fiction author with several books under his belt, including two in the "for Dummies" series. His humorous style is quite accessible, leaving readers not only informed but entertained. See our Press & Media page for links to his current work.


We want working with us to be a hassle-free, enjoyable experience that's profitable for both parties. Here's how we'll do that from our end.

Marketing Support

If we're producing content, we're talking about it. On our blog, social properties, podcast, newsletter... you name it. We're proud of everything we do, so we'll happily shout it to the world when it's published!


We're not picky about rights. If you'd like to fully own the content as a work-for-hire piece, we'll do it. Or of you'd rather have us share the rights (so we can publish), that works for us. We're easy!

Editorial input vs control

Our goal is to create something people want to see and that presents your brand, product, or services in a positive light. To that end, we're happy to consult with you on the direction a certain piece will take. We're even quite open to making tweaks and adjustments to better fit your brand stye. But the final product is going to have a healthy amount of our own tone and style to make this work. While we want you to be happy, the best stories come from experiences, not storyboards and brand books.


Good news: we're cheap! For some clients, we barter services. Some compensate us with product. Others pay hundreds of dollars, and we'd like some to pay thousands. We're not about nickel-and-dime charges, like cost per Tweet or anything silly. We want you to be happy, and paying less is a good strategy for getting there!

Social Proof

Though most of our work winds up on our client's properties rather than ours, influence matters. We've a complete media kit we're happy to provide upon request, but our profile on themidgame shows up-to-date information on just how wide a net we cast.