Our life is a lot less complicated than you might believe. Our son is a grown man. Our parents healthy and surrounded by our younger siblings. Years ago we started working hard to divest ourselves of any real property. Our "jobs" (she's an instructional designer and I'm a digital strategist) are the kind of work that we can do from anywhere on the globe. So... why not?

Like everyone else who makes this jump without the benefit of being independently wealthy, we sold off literally everything we owned to build up the runway to afford this excursion. And by literally, we almost mean literally. Save a few personal effects we shoved in a 5x5 storage unit, we cashed out on The Stuff accumulated in over two decades as a couple. TVs, furniture, car, guitars... If it didn't fit in either of our single suitcases or laptop bags, we sold it or gave it away. Not kidding.

Because we've been on the bleeding edge of digital innovation since their early 20s, we're documenting our new lives as we live it, letting armchair travelers the world over live vicariously through us. Most of those you can find on this website. Right there on the right side, come to think of it.

Sound like fun? It sure does to us. Which is why we're still doing it. See you on the road!