Live Sausage Making From The Kitchen [Season 5, Bonus Episode 3]

Recorded live in the kitchen, which is a terrible place to record. But then again, it’s probably better than us not recording an episode, which has been our bad habit. Uh… we’re back!

As is our wont with the super-seekrit, Patreon-only, exclusive episode, we unpack the sausage quite a bit, exposing our process of podcasting and how it fits into our lives. Because it’s not easy to find time to do this, keep it fun for us, and worthwhile for you. But we try. And we’ll try harder.

Other nuggets

  • Deep-dive into our addition with hipster donuts
  • The perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter
  • Psychoanalysis of Sheila’s family and their disgusting comfort food
  • Sheila’s road to becoming a more influential fake nutritionist than Food Babe
  • Evo explains why he’s no Cool Hand Luke
  • The connection between Big Poultry & the military industrial complex

We did this one live on FB, because sometimes it’s fun to see how the sausage is made. So if you’re new to us on Patreon because of it, hi! And thanks!

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