Bizarre Foods From Around The World We Have Known [Season 4, Episode 29]

We answer Eric from Ireland’s question: “What’s the most bizarre food you’ve tried as you’ve traveled the world?”

In the three years we’ve been traveling the world, we’ve eaten some weird food. But what’s the most bizarre food we’ve encountered. That’s the question we’re answering on this, the penultimate episode of Season 4 of our comedy/travel/advice podcast. (Don’t worry: Season 5 is right around the corner.)

For Sheila, the answer was mashed potatoes covered in fish eggs she found -- and loved -- in Spain. Your challenge is to replicate the recipe the next time you sit down for a traditional ‘meat-and-potatoes’ dinner in the West.

Evo’s palate is a little more adventurous than most, so ‘eating bizarre’ is what he does. If you listen, you’ll hear a lot about eating some tasty grubs, whole frogs, live termites, crabs-in-the-shell, offal soup, grilled intestine, and more.

What’s more interesting is how our concept of favorite foods have changed (or in one of our cases) not changed after three years exposure to new dishes and flavors. Take sushi and pizza, for example. One of them should never be eaten outside of America, and the other might kill you. And then there’s laab moo, a dish we probably won’t find at many Thai restaurants back in America.

One thing is for sure: living abroad for three years has opened up Sheila to spicy food. And Evo has accepted that eating soup for breakfast is pho-king incredible.

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See you next week for the final episode (before we start something new!)