Why We Didn’t Get Rich As Travel Influencers [Season 4, Episode 25]

A detailed breakdown of how much money we’ve earned as travel influencers over the last three years. These results may or may not be typical.

Today’s show was inspired from Maria, who asked the following: “I wanted to ask your opinion on [NAME REDACTED] travel writer's program. As a travel writer, do you think this program is a good investment?”

Without any personal experience with the travel program in question, we decided to reinterpret her question as: “Should I pay good money to take travel-writing specific online course that promises to make me a travel writer rich beyond my wildest dreams?”

In a word: No.

In more than one word -- an entire podcast episode, in fact -- we’ll break down the cash-flow realities of being a for-profit travel writer/travel influencer. We’re sharing all the times we got paid to create travel content over the last three years, so you can decide if this is the life for you or not. (Granted, you’re only getting our perspective.)

Here’s what we’re talking about:

Not that we have anything against being better writers, or paying money to hone your craft as a writer. But we’re skeptical of any  get-rich-quick schemes. But YMMV.

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