No Cuddling On The Train In Vietnam

 Cuddling is key to a relationship, especially when traveling the world together. You should do it often. Just don’t plan on “doing it” during your 2000 kilometer train ride through the gorgeous mountains of the Vietnamese countryside. Unless you like performing for an audience. #stagefright #exhibitionism

Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy-travel-advice podcast:

  • Why sleeper cars are for sleeping, not sleeping with someone

  • Why it’s always smart to be upfront with your spouse when sleeping around, er… abroad

  • The joys of international cuddling

  • The difference between organized chaos vs organic chaos

  • How a postcard from abroad can make you feel loved

Extended Show Notes

We humans are simple creatures, with simple needs. Close, physical contact -- cuddling, if you will -- is a biological imperative for human cultures all over the world. A shared bed is a great place to cuddle, a fact that’s not been lost on any of the countries we’ve visited during our travels. With few exceptions, the beds have been comfy, spacious, and private. Well, except for that one time we were on an extended train ride in Vietnam.

[Side note: What a great place for a mattress or sleep aid ad, right? But alas, our podcast remains ad free. We really have to step up our promotional game!]

That’s the relationship advice we have for our anonymous caller this week: Don’t book a 33 hour trip where cuddling is just not possible, unless you want to shock the three nice little old ladies with whom you’re sharing a birth. Who might report you to the authorities. Which could lead to getting arrested for public indecently. In a foreign country. One your country fought a nasty war in. And lost. Just… don’t.

So when booking your next travel plans, make sure both of you are aware of the sleeping arrangements. Right, Sheila?

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