Visiting Copenhagen’s Marriage-Ending Museum

Pro tip for married travelers: You’re not going both like everything along your journey. So when you find yourself with a bad back in a place that bores you to tears, try not to be a total jerk to your partner who’s rather enjoying the experience. Just not with you. #truestory

Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy travel podcast:

  • How one museum in Copenhagen almost ended our marriage.
  • Why marauding Burmese chopped the heads off statues of Buddha in Thailand
  • How to avoid nitpicking your spouse when you travel the world and live abroad.
  • How to get a postcard from all over the world sent to you every single month

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Extended notes:

Every couple has to deal with one party nitpicking the other. And yes, if flows both ways. But we’d argue that the level of nitpicking ramps up exponentially when you quit your jobs, sell everything, travel the world for a year, and then decide to live abroad, away from everyone and everything from the world you knew as normal. As you might imagine, that puts quite a strain on any relationship, even a marriage that’s lasted 28 years.

One of our fans shared a personal story and asked us how we deal with it. Our answer comes in the form of a story of that one time early in our world travels when we visited a museum in Copenhagen. A visit that almost put an end to our relationship. Not good. Listen in to to learn how we dealt with the pressure and managed to move beyond it.

(But seriously; what’s with not putting things back together? I mean, for history’s sake, that statue wasn’t created without the nose. When you find the nose, put it back on the statue! Don’t display it separately. What the hells is wrong with you, curator?)

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