The Worst Job In Bangkok

We finally had that classic Thai experience of partying with the Ricola people and every key influencer in SE Asia on a rooftop bar in Bangkok. And then things got weird.

Funny things you’ll hear in this episode of our comedy travel podcast:

  • Life from inside a cardboard box has to be terrible.

  • Life as the Swiss musician in Bangkok has to be awesome.

  • Crashing a party with influencers and celebrities on a Bangkok rooftop bar.

  • Playing second fiddle to the Bangkok Podcast.

  • Earning gold with Instagram. And by that we mean actual, literal gold. This is my kinda party!

Extended Show Notes:

Last week, we were invited to a big, fancy party at the top of the Muse Hotel in Bangkok to celebrate the new packaging of Ricola. Yes, the Swiss company that makes lozenges. Yes, the new packaging is party-worthy. And yes, it was quite the fancy party. All the Bangkok influencers were there, including Evo’s partner on the Bangkok Podcast and long-time Bangkokian Greg Jorgensen, Instagram celebrity and travel blogger Charlene from Malaysia, and one guy who managed to get 4100+ likes on an Instagram photo in under and hour, netting him 325 grams of gold as a prize!

Even though neither of us are Thai, Thailand-based listeners now account for most of our downloads! So we fit right in and are happy to do our part to spread the Ricola story to Thailand via podcasting. (Pretty sure we were the only ones doing that at the event!)

But back to the party, which was great! Fantastic food, an actual Swiss horn/accordion/bowl-with-a-coin-rolling-around musician, and an insane of amount of Ricola lozenges in various flavors and forms, all in their nifty new packaging. Oh, and one poor dude who was stuck in a Ricola box all party long. Which doesn’t sound all that bad, but Evo saw the same guy (or at least the same box) wandering the streets of Bangkok, spreading the message of Ricola.

If you find yourself in Bangkok and want to sample some of Ricola’s wares… come to our place. We might have smuggled out more than our fair share! Or if you can’t make it to us, check out Ricola’s Thai page for more info, or just buy a box at 7-11, Tesco, Family Mart... they are everywhere!

We're at a blogger event on a rooftop hotel bar in Bangkok. #ricola

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Oh, and because it needs to be said: We were compensated to attend the event, produce this episode, and all the other stuff we did on behalf of Ricola. But Sheila really is a converted fan now!

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Listen to our silliness at the Ricola party on a rooftop in Bangkok!

Listen to our silliness at the Ricola party on a rooftop in Bangkok!