Sister’s Swinging Jamaica Destination Wedding

Traveling with families is either awesome or terrible. There is no in between. Toss a wedding in the mix, and the scales start tipping in the wrong direction. But just add in swingers, and everything is balanced. Confused? Don’t be. Terrified? You should be.

Click the image to listen to the full story!

Click the image to listen to the full story!

Evo's still sick. But finally went to the doctor. Now on lots of drugs. Yay, modern medicine and a qualified pro to guide you! Yes, even in Thailand. Sheila’s tired and hungover because her birthday was Friday and she celebrated all weekend long. Evo’s tired because he was guesting on #Geo500, which you should watch.

Ten years ago, Evo married his sister in Jamaica. As in officiated, not took-hand-in. But because of booking challenges, we had to switch properties for the last week of the long trip. So when she told us she found a good deal at an all-inclusive resort called Hedonism, we opted not to let her in on the not-well-kept-secret. Because the only thing that makes a newlywed’s unexpected stay at a swingers’ resort more awkward is being stuck there with your older brother.

[sniff] They grow up so fast.

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