Estonian Cheese and Beer, It’s Why We’re Here! [Season 4, Episode 24]

The best beer, cheese, and other experiences from Estonia, shared from a private sauna in Tallinn!

When we booked a private Estonian sauna for a couple of hours in Estonia, we knew it was a perfect time to reflect on the best parts of our trip to Tallinn thus far.

Even though there was beer involved (are you surprised?) we managed not to ruin our equipment as we recorded in the super-hot sauna or bubbling jacuzzi. But if you get hungry listening to us describe the fantastic beer, cheese, and bread we’ve had during our visit, don’t blame us. Instead, book a trip to Estonia! (No, they aren’t paying us to say that. We just really loved our time here.)

And because we really do love you, we’re giving you this before the new year. Aren’t we nice?

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