A Very Dive Bar Xmas in Estonia [Season 4, Episode 23]

It just wouldn’t be christmas without a drunken Finn lamenting the changing world in a dive bar in Estonia. Luckily, we were there to record the audio.

We’re in Estonia traveling and really hadn’t intended to put out a show from the road. But on Christmas Eve, we were entertained by a drunken Finn named Miiko at one of Tallinn’s most notorious dive bar, Valli Baar. As our xmas present to you, we chopped the 48 minute rambling down to 5 of the better minutes. You wanted authentica travel stories? You’ve got one.

Prepare to be  entertained by a  typical Finnish meat-eating man who’s way of life is under threat. It’s getting so a man can’t even be a proper lumberjack, or something? He just wishes for a better time, when Jimmy Carter was still president, Lassie was on the TV, and everyone wanted a Scottsdale? He gets a little side tracked, but that’s nothing medical marijuana can’t cure, even though he hasn’t smoked it for 30 years. And no, none of that was supposed to make sense.

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