Chiang Mai Death March [Exclusive #8]

Checking off another box from the “obvious places to visit in Thailand” list!

Apart from the occasional mentions of Sheila’s teaching life here in Bangkok, this special bonus episode just for our supporters is all about our future travel trip to Chiang Mai. Which means “no Chiang”... whatever Chiang means. Oddly enough, we haven’t yet traveled to Chiang Mai in the 2+ years we’ve been in Thailand. Time to change that. And since this is the time of year when the grounds around the city are not on fire, it’s a great time to visit.

What’s calling us to a place that Evo’s is on record as calling “where travel bloggers go to die”? Listen in and find out what we’re excited about. And why Sheila might get Evo kicked out of the country.

Also, the weather is cooling off down here, which means Sheila’s down allergy is once again a concern. No, you wouldn’t think that would be an issue in Thailand. But you would be wrong.

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