Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Travel With Electronics [Season 4 Episode 18]

Traveling is expensive. Especially when you have to replace two laptops, two mobile devices, and two cameras when you’re on the road. Yeah, that’s us. Learn how not to do it our way!

You know you’re a real world traveler when you have funny looking letters or an odd layout on your keyboard. Sheila’s laptop is setup for Italians, which means she has to hunt for the ‘@’ all the time. Evo’s features the Thai alphabet, though for some reason there isn’t ฿ symbol, which makes it hard to type amounts in the national currency.

And that’s just the start. We’ve had to replace six different terribly expensive electronic devices during our world tour. Such is life. Luckily for us, we have some awesome supporters who help keep us semi-solvent around the world. That, and a mix of insurance and warranties.

Funny Things You’ll Hear:

  • The story of dropping a hard drive from six feet over an open laptop

  • Why the bottom of an Italian canal is not a good place for laptop storage

  • Why an open drybag isn’t a great place to keep your iPhone dry

  • What happens to a different iPhone after three days of Vietnam rainstorms

  • How your expensive DSLR camera can be destroyed at Thailand’s Songkran celebration

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