The Puck Stops Here

Of NHL scouts and ancient mapping systems from when the internet was young. Somehow, we pull a funny travel story out of that.  

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In case you missed us, we’ve been off a few weeks, spending the time with friends and family back in soon-to-be-made-great-again America! Naturally, we collected quite a few amusing stories during that trip. We’ll share those with you in coming episodes (probably).

But not this one. Instead, this week’s funny travel story is about one hockey scout’s laptop habits on a plane. No, not kidding. But it must be funny, because Sheila laughs a lot.

Oh, we also sent postcards from wilds of Oklahoma and Arizona. Yeah, we’re from those places, but we keep our promise to send out postcards to our supporters every month. If you sign up today, you’ll get one from Helsinki, Finland in just a few weeks. Evo is keynoting the NBE 2017 conference, while Sheila stays toasty warm in Bangkok.

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