Forging Ahead or Forgery Ahead?

Some days, living in Thailand is like living in paradise. Other times, it’s like the system is conspiring against us. So when an opportunity to screw with the system comes along, one of us is probably going to take it.

Why can’t Evo leave things alone? Call his inability to not poke the bear a character flaw if you want, but know that if he were more of a rule follower, you wouldn’t have as many funny stories to laugh at. Or wonder how, even when purposely screwing with the cops, he doesn’t get arrested. Come to think of it, he’s never been arrested. It’s not for lack of trying.

We’d say more in the show notes, but that would be too easy to Google later for easy discovery. It’s bad enough we’re letting the audio go, as it’s clearly evidence. Take this week’s episode as an example (or another example) of what not to do when you live abroad. Unless you also can’t not poke the bear. Then have at it!

While you’re wondering how he’s still a free man, check out the Goal Zero Venture 30, a nifty little powerpack we just received from our friends at TravelSmith. This fist-size power brick is waterproof and holds a charge for both our phones. Nifty!

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