Vacation Like A Bond Villain

Who's up for a little Ian Flemming-inspired travel? Though in this case, it might be more Peter Murton-inspired in this case. Confused? Yeah... I should start again.

Last month, we spent a week in lovely Khao Lak as guests of the J.W. Marriot Khao Lak. (Thanks for hosting us, Hanna!) While the trip was mostly vacation, part was to do research for an article for our sponsor, TravelSmith. Oh, and there was too much drinking with the With Husband In Tow duo, because Amber & Eric have a drinking problem.

Not far from Khao Lak is Phang Nga Bay, and inside the bay you'll find James Bond Island, the centerpiece for the article. Which is now posted. Which you should read. Or I'll send shirtless Hervé Villechaize to track you down.

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