Sunny Thaper Beats Off A Monkey

What else are you supposed to do when you’ve got a monkey in your bed? Also, we’re betting all the Brexit-backers were real ale fans, not craft beer drinkers.

When it comes to adventure travel, India is an oft-mentioned destination. Even though the sub-continent is home to more than a billion people, there are still plenty of remote beaches, mountains, and jungles you can only get to by train. If you’re able to hold on.

Our friend and self-identified Indian Sunny Thaper shares a story of returning to his homeland, where he was surrounded by family he didn’t know. One family, in particular, was a little less human than he’d hoped. Because… yeah. He had to beat off a monkey. Welcome back to India, Sunny. They missed you?

India was, of course, colonized by the English, and the English have an unnatural and counterproductive mission of preserving something they call “real ale”. After six weeks living in England last year, we can categorically say that real ale is utter shite, especially when you compare it to the booming craft beer market in England. Not to get all political, but we think there’s a correlation between Brexit supporters and those who think warm, flat beer is the pinnacle of human achievement. But hey, follow your bliss.

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