Loren Murphy Shorts The Korean Mafia

While our unexpected hospital bills are spiraling out of control, Loren is shorting the bill at a restaurant ran by the Korean mafia. Today’s episode is all about poor money decisions, I guess?

When you travel the world, it’s not a question of if but when you’ll eat too much of something that doesn’t sit quite right with you. For Snapchat mogul Loren Murphy, that happened to him before he even started his globe hopping. And it’s rather surprising he’s still alive, as his sudden departure from a restaurant owned by the Korean mafia left them at an economic disadvantage. If we’ve learned one things from mafia movies, it’s that they like their money. All of it, please.

Speaking of money: Did you hear that Sheila’s been in and out of the hospital for the last five days? The good news is that she received excellent care and is getting better. The bad news is that as good as the medical care is in Thailand, the insurance is every bit as bad. We’ll be lucky if they cover 10% of the costs incurred so far. But hey, health before money, and she’s getting great care. It’s just tapped us. Big time. If ever there were a need for you to become a patron, now’s the time.

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