Choose Your Own Chengdu Adventure!

From signature cocktails to finding cigars on the streets, from shoving metal spikes in ear canals to entering restaurants through the window... it was evident we could not have packed any more into a single day. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Last week, we were invited guests of Niccolo Chengdu, a Marco Polo Property. In exchange for the trip, they looked to us to create great content not only about their hotel, but the myriad activities in and around Chengdu, China. Our friends Eric & Amber from With Husband In Tow were actually the ones that got the assignment. Sheila was brought into the mix because of her great photography. Me? I think they just felt bad about leaving me behind. Hooray, guilt!

Now back to the day at hand, a very full day indeed. While the WHIT people were doing what food and luxury travel bloggers do, and while Sheila was busy filling up multiple memory cards with beautiful pictures, I was Snapchatting. A lot. Like 20 some-odd minutes of Snaps. In this single day, not even counting the crazy amount of Snaps I'd done the days prior (more about them later). Mad props to the crazies who made it all the way through that day as they watched my Story feed. Sorry?

For the rest, I came up with a novel idea. Catching up on Snapchat isn't easy, due to the ephemeral nature of content shared on the platform. Yes, I can (and do) archive some of the better Stories on YouTube. But this one? Kinda long. 

Rather than forcing you to watch almost a half hour of linear content. I've broken the day's snaps up into three segments, did a little creative editing, and re-assembled them in YouTube in the form of a "choose your own adventure" style story. So if you just want to watch the cocktails, great. Or maybe you just want to watch people shove metal sticks in my ears. Fine. You can do that. Or you can watch all three segments in whatever order you want. I'm groovy with however you want to proceed. 

But I do hope you watch, because it was a lot of fun. And as mentioned earlier, I've got lots more great stories -- not all via Snapchat -- to share with you about the amazing time we had in Chengdu China. Who knew?