Busting Out Of The Bus with Grant Baciocco

Who has the scarier bus story: rock stars or puppeteers? The former group’s issues are probably self-induced. The latter is more karma. But they retell the story better!

Life on the road is filled with perils. For full time travelers like us, some of those perils are due to Mongolian death worms taking up residence inside your intestines for a while until magic, science, or time push the odds back in your favor. For performers, they’re due to late-night trips with people who probably shouldn’t be driving.

At least that’s what happened to our friend Grant Baciocco. Buses are a necessary evil when you’re part of a traveling troupe, and you don’t have the option of vetting those to whom you’re entrusting your life. And after listening to this story, you’ll wish you could!

Speaking of odd things that happen when you travel, we had another chance meeting with a good friend and patron (you know you can become our patron, right?) when we were in Phuket. Meeting up with Justin was the fourth time our traveling friends have been close enough to our location for us to all get together. How cool is that? (And yes, Justin, you’re still getting your postcard!)

Thanks as always to our fantastic sponsor, TravelSmith. The rain and some sickness really threw a wrench in the content plan but our wardrobe held up nicely!

Music for our show is graciously provided by the fantastic band Velella Velella. They make killer tunes, and you should buy all of their stuff. It’s fabulous!

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