Skin To Win With Jeff Moriarty

When you ask someone who’s made a career out of taking off pants to do something crazy in a photo contest, you should not be surprised at his first choice.

When Jeff Moriarty isn’t busy dragging traditional media into the present, he’s doing silly things -- very silly things -- in Phoenix, Arizona. Through Jeff’s tenaciousness, a team of willing “agents” routinely subject the citizenry of the desert Southwest to flash mobs and other tomfoolery.

The story he shares in this episode comes from South By Southwest, a giant party in Austin, Texas that bills itself as a tech conference so attendees can expense five days of debauchery. Marketing powerhouse Jay Baer probably still regrets inviting Jeff to his book launch party. Because when a guitar worth a few grand is on the line, Jeff will do what it takes to win. Even if he can’t play a lick.

Speaking of licking, we start the show with the story of Sheila’s attempted kidnapping by a prostitute. No, not of a prostitute. By one. Yeah. Only in Thailand. Luckily she was returned unharmed (or charged), which has allowed her to fall in love with her new tote from TravelSmith! RFID blocking, reversible… it’s the perfect carry-all for getting around here in Bangkok. And we’re not just saying that because they sponsor us. She really loves it! (And if you follow that link, you can save $20 on your entire order at checkout!)

And it looks like we’re all set for our trip to Chengdu, China in a couple weeks. We’ll pick up our next batch of postcards from there, so you still have a few days to sign up to get a handwritten postcard from us… from China! How cool is that?!

Music for our show is graciously provided by the fantastic band Velella Velella. They make killer tunes, and you should buy all of their stuff. It’s fabulous!

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