This Beach Kangaroo's Nuts

(Evo's note: Nope. Not a typo. Sheila let's me post these on her behalf. Sometimes she shouldn't.)

I was promised beach kangaroos. Well, I saw plenty of kangaroos -- seriously, Australia is overrun with the bouncy critters, large and small. I saw plenty of beaches -- it's an island continent, after all. But I never saw the two things together. I got rather close, as you'll see in the accompanying One Minute Memories video.

Just behind the foliage, maybe 100 meters, is the beach. We were hoping this little guy would hop on down there, but he seemed content hanging out with the tourists. Probably more food available near the campground anyhow. 

Regardless, he was a great model, hanging out with us for a good time. So long as we didn't get too close.