Traveling Magic with John Lenahan

Busking your way around the world sounds like fun. Doing so as a magician sounds harder. Making it your career for decades? That's dedication.

John Lenahan is a man of many talents. His primary gig is dazzling passengers on cruise ships with his magic shows. Yes, that’s his real job. As such, he’s traveling much of the time. In between, he’s a published author and has been known to do a stint on a comedy tour or two.

John has lots of stories to share with us over the coming weeks, but the first one comes from Tenerife, on of the Canary Islands just off the coast of Africa, but owned by Spain. Actually, there are two stories of magic and travel, one about a reverse vanishing prostitute, and the other about the one trick that got away.

Speaking of that, did you know that Sheila was almost detained for carrying contraband in her carryon bag? Ah, the things you learn about people when you travel.

As you may know, Evo writes articles on behalf of our sponsor, TravelSmith. They recently published his story on the Yak Sant Tattoo Festival in Thailand… and it’s really, really good. So good, in fact, that they’ve asked him to submit it to some travel writing contests, which is a gigantic honor.

Next month, we’re traveling to China for the first time ever! If we can figure out how to connect to the internet while we’re there, we’ll have some great stuff to share during the trip. But one thing that is certain? Many of the few dozen uber fans of ours -- we call them patrons -- will be getting postcards from there! At least we’re pretty sure the Great Firewall of China won’t block that, right?

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