Shopping For Support & Mexico By Motorhome

Season 2 - Episode 29

Coming to Bangkok for a little “retail therapy”? You might want to pack your own sports bra and/or jockstrap. And if you’re driving a huge motorhome through Mexico with your whole family in tow, you really should understand Google Maps’ limitations.

We just celebrated our 27th year anniversary, which apparently is a big thing. And even bigger considering we’ve spent the last 18 months hopping the globe together. And they said it wouldn’t last. But that’s not what we want to talk about.

We have two more stories on today’s show, one from Thailand and one from Mexico:

1. Shopping For Support

Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod

Bangkok is a hotspot for shoppers. Yes, people take vacations to Bangkok just to go shopping. Which is nuts, but happens. For us, it means we’ve a wide range of options to choose from, though Evo’s stereotypical disdain of shopping keeps him out of most stores. He’s found one he likes, however. But that’s probably because he doesn’t need a sports bra. Yet.

2. Mexico By Motorhome

Music credit: Party Complex by Kevin MacLeod

Talk about your epic family road trip. Paul Kortman’s family of six -- plus dogs! -- lives the location independence lifestyle via a motorhome. When he’s not helping others lead a similar life, he’s battling his nemesis on the gritty streets of Mexico: Google Maps!

And that’s the show!

If you’ve followed the blog or our Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed some new One Minute Memories videos posted. We sort of got out of the habit of that, but they’re coming back. So if you need a break in your hectic day, watch one of Sheila’s short little videos. And if you like them, she’d love some feedback.

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