The Opportunistic Travelers - Season One now available

If you're new, you're probably unaware that when we started this adventure some 18 months ago, we had a completely different format in mind. Taking my cues from the journalistic story telling style of great shows like 99% invisible and Startup, I recorded track after track of field audio, spent hours hunched over the editing software, and generally worked really, really had to try and recreate a story each week.

Yeah... that was hard. Like at least 10 hours of work each week hard. And it wasn't enough. As it turns out, there's a reason those shows spend four to five times that much effort on their shows of a similar length each week. That's just what it takes.

After 30 episodes, we re-evaluated what we were doing and what we wanted to be doing, and decided to make a change. But we still had some unreleased audio, so we pushed out 12 more "mini" episodes to get all the (or at least most of the) experiences out there to our audience. Then we took a quick break, and came back with an all-new format, focused less on the technical aspects of building a story, and more on just telling -- in one take -- a good travel story. One from us, and one from a friend. That format -- Season Two -- is what you've been hearing the last 28 weeks, and it seems to work better for us.

But some people have said they miss the old format. So for them, and for anyone else who wants to relive our story in that old, very hard format, I've finally broken out all of those episodes and created a new "complete" show on iTunes. That new show -- Season One of The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast -- won't see new episodes added, obviously. Instead, it's a timeless archive for you to enjoy. And yes, you can tell your friends. (Oh, and here's the straight RSS feed for the 20% who don't use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts.)

In the mean time, we'll keep working on Season Two. And, you won't be surprised to learn, Season Three is just around the corner. Thanks for listening.