Hapless In Hanoi & Crashing A Polish Wedding

Season 2 - Episode 25

What would you pack for a 20-hour trip to Hanoi? No, really. We need to know. Because Evo forgot to pack just about everything. Bonus: How many Polish police officers does it take to clear an accident scene? The punchline is in this week’s episode of The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast.

Bangkok’s much lauded Dinosaur Planet theme park caught on fire today. And if that’s not strange enough, it was the ferris wheel that burst into flames. That’s right. Ferris, as in iron. Iron burns in this country. What the hell are we doing here?

On today’s show, we have two travel stories to share, one from Vietnam and one from Poland:

1. Hapless In Hanoi

Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod

Look, no one ever said Evo was a genius. Brilliant, sure. But genius? That’s stretching things. Especially since he can’t even manage to leave the country for a quick border hop without leaving almost everything he needed behind. Luckily he had his passport and credit card. The rest? Not so much.

2. Crashing A Polish Wedding

Music credit: Suave Standpipe by Kevin MacLeod

Getting into a serious car accident on the way to a wedding is everyone’s nightmare. Having it happen in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language is a special nightmare for world travelers. Somehow winding up back in time to pre-Solidarity Poland is a special hell only Gabor from Tapewrite has had to endure.

And that’s the show!

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com for the songs used in this episode.

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