No International Incidents & Rocking Mt. Rushmore

Season 2 - Episode 26

From buying drugs to trespassing, it sure doesn't seem like we're trying to stay out of overseas prisons as we travel the world. And one mourning family's encounter with Ozzy Osbourne during an iconic US-based road trip shifted their perspective.

Plenty of things are cheaper in Thailand than they are back home. Fresh produce is one those, so we probably shouldn’t have been surprised at the low cost of wholesale marijuana. No, we didn’t buy any. But these two taxi drivers decided to get in the business. Bad move, fellas.

Instead of going on and on about something we don’t know about, we bring you two stories on today’s show, one from Thailand and one from the good ol’ US of A:

1. No International Incidents

Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod

We try hard not to get arrested while we’re abroad. Or rather, that’s Evo’s stance. Sheila, on the other hand, seems to actively work against that goal. Which you’ll find surprising, but then you’ll hear that an old abandoned trainyard in Bangkok was involved, and you’ll think “Oh… yeah. I can see that.”

2. Rocking Mt. Rushmore

Music credit: Carpe Diem by Kevin MacLeod

Taking two school aged daughters and an infant son on an open-ended cross-country road trip isn’t everyone’s idea of a much needed vacation. But it was for Krys and his wife Melissa, who found their family of six tragically cut down to five after losing their not-even-two-years-old son Atticus to cancer just a few months before. Maybe a family road trip was just what they needed. With, that is, the right soundtrack. I’ll let Krys take it from here.

And that’s the show!

Next week is the Bun Bang Fai rocket festival! Which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand: home made rockets with a high-chance of explosion. But the forecast calls for temperatures over 40 Celsius -- that’s 104 Fahrenheit -- with blisteringly sunny skies. Can we have some of that dry heat back, Phoenix?

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