Bangkok Movie Madness & Kicked Out Of Kiribati

Season 2 - Episode 24

This week: Bangkok’s best movie theaters have the worst popcorn. Meanwhile, professional traveler Gary Arndt island-hops the Pacific and gets the Prime Minister of Kiribati to reform immigration with one bad trip.

Just a quick follow up to the blighted phone booth cleanup show from a few weeks back: That crazy Bangkok notion looks like it’s going into action! But that’s not what we wanted to talk about with you on today’s program.

Instead, we have two travel stories to share, one from Bangkok and one from Kiribati:

1. Bangkok Movie Madness

Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod

Bangkok maybe of the more diverse places to watch first-run movies. Sure, you can have your run-of-the-mill theater experience much like you would in any Western city. Or you can opt to live like a fat cat, soaking up (and paying for) the personal privilege of a VIP movie experience. But our favorite? The gritty throwback theaters of Lido and Scala. They’ve the best popcorn in town!

2. Kicked Out Of Kiribati

Music credit: Thief In The Night by Kevin MacLeod

Gary Arndt’s made a career out of travel. But it almost ended just a few months after he got started, thanks to an overzealous immigration agent in Kiribati. Then again, having a challenging experience early might have made him the cool cucumber of a traveler he is today. And you can all thank him for single-handedly (my words, not his) getting a stupid law changed.

And that’s the show!

Our travel calendar is starting to fill up again. Next week, Evo’s taking a solo trip to Vietnam. After that, we’re headed to a rocket festival in northern Thailand, a beach getaway after that, and then he’s off to Sri Lanka. So much for settling down.

Remember, you can follow along with those events as they happen. Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram… there are all sort of ways we document travels as they happen, rather than waiting for a once a week show to come out.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for the songs used in this episode.

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