Keeping up with the ShEvo

Friends of us who've known us for a while understand this: We're new media whores. OK, maybe less "we" and more "Evo". But the fact remains: We like to dabble with new ways to connect with people all around the globe. Here's where our latest attentions lie:

Telling Short Stories on Snapchat

Over the last few weeks, we've both been getting more active on Snapchat. With videos no longer than 10 seconds that are forever gone in 24 hours, it feels a lot like an Ignite presentation. And everyone knows how much we love ignite, right? 

Evo usually compiles a story every day of about four to five minutes in length, giving you a punctuated look into our day in the life in Bangkok and beyond. Sheila -- you know, the one working an honest, real full-time job -- is less active and is sticking to what she does best: photos. Still, it's nice to see what she's seeing.

Letting You Live Vicariously Through Periscope

Evo spent a number of years on the radio where he developed an addiction to live feedback from callers. Periscope is as close as he has to that these days, though the fact that we're +700GMT makes it tough for most people in the US to watch us live. But we're still doing regular scopes for those who get a chance to watch us live.

The Photo Flood Continues

Sheila's best at home behind the camera, eagerly snapping up photos when we get to new places. But because she's a bit more exacting and picky about what she shares, it often takes her days (or weeks) to get the full album loaded. She's sharing those on Facebook, but the official home for all of her shots is Flickr. And if you want only the great stuff, check out her 500px profile. (And occasionally, we still post to Instagram, though that's been waning!) 

Audio Stories Told Weekly

That's "weekly" not "weakly". Our podcast has gone through some pretty big changes since we started in late 2014, but we're on a format we really like. In fact, we're contemplating increasing the frequency of the show, which is currently weekly. More people are downloading our show, which makes us smile and want to feed the beast even more. 

For all the changes, we're still doing what we set out to do: tell the story of our journey in a tight show each week. We're getting better at telling stories easier, and are starting to share stories from others we've met along the way. We work hard to keep the show light (if not downright funny) and short, still proudly chopping out the bits that suck to just give you the meat. Because there a plenty of "tell me what inspires you to travel" or "learn how to get rich and travel the world" shows. Can't we just have fun and share those stories, instead?

Subscribe today with iTunes, even if you have no idea how this whole "podcasting" thing works. We promise not to make fun of you.

In your Inbox each week

Email is still "the killer app", and it's the one we've struggled with the most. We're already making tons of content shared on multiple mediums, and we've neglected the hell out of email, starting and stopping along the way. First, our apologies for that. Second, we really need to figure it out, because email is still the way most people over the age of majority communicate. So thanks for letting us flounder. We'll figure it out. (New subscribers will force this to the top of our mind. Hint. Hint.)

And of course, we're on all the same social media sites you are on. We'll try to keep the right rail of the site updated with where we're dabbling with. Thanks again for following along with our journey!