Quest For Queso & Hidden Elves of Iceland

Season 2 - Episode 20

It’s a total temperature inversion this week! Hot cheese from steamy Bangkok, and frozen elves from Iceland. That’s right: Something for everyone on this episode of our travel podcast!

We know you love keeping up with us on the podcast, but you can get an almost-live look at our lives here in Bangkok on Evo’s Snapchat account! Though we’ve both had accounts there for a while, it took some time before we figured out how great the platform actually is at sharing our lives here in Bangkok. So while yes, it’s just one more place to keep up with us, it’s probably your best place for discrete voyeuristic action. But sorry; no pervy stuff. Just what we’re seeing and experiencing as we live as expats here and other places abroad!

And speaking of travel stories, we’ve two to share on today’s program, one from Thailand and another from Iceland:

Quest For Queso

Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod

Finding cheese -- good cheese -- in Thailand takes a bit of effort. And if you’re wondering why anyone would care about the quality of cheese in their lives… we’re wondering what the hell is wrong with you, because once you’ve discovered the magic of quality cheese, you’ll never go back to processed cheese food again. Unless you move to Bangkok. But even then, you’ll be on the hunt as as we are.

Hidden Elves of Iceland

Music credit: Casa Bossa Nova by Kevin MacLeod

Like a true world traveler, our friend Dave Brett has been all over, collecting and sharing travel stories as he travels the globe. He’s currently cooling off somewhere near the North Pole, but we found a few moments to catch up with him. We knew he had a story to tell. That it would be about Icelandic elves was a complete surprise. As was the fact that all Icelandic females apparently have an Irish accent.

And that’s the show!

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Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode.

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