Beating The Bangkok Blues & Lions Made Me Travel

Season 2 - Episode 14

Vacations are necessary, even in a tropical environment like Bangkok. In this episode, we talk about how our expectations of “vacation” spots has changed over the years, and how one traveler almost got eaten by a lion. Did I bury the lede?

Well… we made it more than a month in Bangkok! Only… forever to go! Happy Chinese New Year to you, and happy impending Valentine’s Day. But enough chit chat. Let’s get started.

We share two stories on today’s program, one about favorite vacation spots in Thailand, and one about Phuket (which is on the list):

Beating The Bangkok Blues

Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod

I know what you’re thinking: Living in a paradise such as Bangkok is one giant vacation. You’d be wrong. Because while we do live in the topics, we live in a giant city in the tropics. Sometimes, we need to get away from it all. And that’s one of the perks to living in Bangkok. Better versions of paradise are just a short hop away.

Lions Made Me Travel

Music credit: Spellbound  by Kevin MacLeod

Looking for fun and adventure when you travel? Roxanne -- aka The Tiny Taster -- will give you second thoughts about that. And try and convince you that sometimes a more relaxed and centered approach will help you keep your head when things get bad. And your lunch.

We had a fabulous time hanging out in Na Jomtien and look forward to popping back down again and again.

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