Sak Yant Tattoo Will Swallow Your Soul

Pentecostals speaking in tongues have nothing on sak yant tattoo devotees in the throws of possession. Yeah, that’s a thing in Thailand that you have to witness to understand. But we’ll try...

When the topic of Magic, Mysticism, and Mana: Superstition in Thailand came up on Evo’s other podcast, he’d planned on linking to the episode of This One Time where he told the story of visiting the Sak Yant Tattoo Festival from earlier in 2016. Only… it seems we never actually put that story into this podcast. Time to fix that!

Short version: Evo and Ric Gazarian from the Counting Countries travel podcast, did an overnight to Wat Bang Phra, some hour-ish north-ish of Bangkok and attended the aforementioned festival. It was… intense. Watching a hundred or so very patient people line up to be jabbed repeatedly by a bamboo stick with a sharpened piece of metal on the end was one thing. Witnessing at least 10,000 sak yant devotees waiting for their tattoos to possess them so they could rush the stage like some George Romero/Ang Lee crossover gone horribly wrong is quite another.

Intense doesn’t do it justice. Which is probably why Evo’s subconscious wouldn’t let him record the show at the time. To demonstrate just how creepy it was, he’s included a brief audio sample recorded live from the event in one of the calmer moments. [shudder]

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