Terrible Table Cervix in Thailand

We fell off the “responsible travel blogging” wagon this week, visiting one of Bangkok’s iconic dens of depravity. So much for the “sexy” side of “sex tourism”. [shudder]

We’re sick, as a punishment from the gods. Though it will likely knock us out of favor with the greater travel blogging community, there’s no delicate way to say this: we went to a ping pong show in Bangkok. There. We said it.

Was it the sexiest thing ever? Hardly. Horrific? Absolutely. Whore-iffiic? That goes without saying. In reality, it’s part of the sex tourism scene in Thailand. Arguably one of the worst parts.

But before you pass judgement on us, give the show a listen to get our take on things. Spoiler alert: We won’t be going back, and we don’t recommend putting it on your list when you visit us in the Big Mango. Give us 10 minutes, and we’ll tell you why.

We did NOT get our postcards from the ping pong show. But we do need to go shopping. So again, if we haven’t completely offended you for our moral turpitude, support us on Patreon and we’ll send a postcard to you this month. Your small donation goes to the creation of this show. And in return you’ll get a handwritten postcard from us.

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