Tastes of San Diego In A Box?

Traveling the world has its perks, one of which is sampling outstanding food from all over the world. If you've been reading our site for the year-long journey we've been on, you know how much we like telling you about the fantastic food we've found along the journey.

But sometimes, we miss the tastes of home. Not necessarily of Phoenix (though outstanding Mexican food is hard to come by over here), but tastes from other parts of the states we like to frequent. So when Hole In The Wall offered to send us a box of tasty treats from San Diego all the way to Australia, we couldn't say no!

In just over a week, the box arrived at our door, filled with nicely packaged goodies we couldn't wait to try out. At first, I balked at the Korean BBQ flavored True Gentleman's Jerky. On one hand, I hadn't had jerky since we left. But on the other, I'd had lots of Asian flavoring from the five months we spent in Southeast Asia. And we were headed back. But I shouldn't have worried, as the heat and jerky goodness were the dominant flavor, the rest just a nice shading. Tasty stuff!

Next to go was the bag of Maw 'N Paw kettle corn. From the smiles on Sheila's face, it was a lovely treat. I couldn't tell you, because she didn't let me get near it. Thats OK. I made short oder of the Lime & Sea Salt Roasted Almonds from Hopkins AG in record time.

Also in the box was a lovely bit of Peruvian chocolate from Nibble that got us through a couple episodes of Boardwalk Empire, a healthy chunk of MU's Market Bar that tided me over on an 8-hour flight, and a bottle of Stone Brewing's Arrogant Bastard Ale Chipotle Hot Sauce. I've had the sauce before (because how can you not!), so we gifted that to our host family in Brisbane, along with the handmade soap bar and the scented candle. 

I'd love to tell you about the next box, but traveling the world makes it difficult for us to keep using subscription box services. But assuming you're a bit more stationary, take a look at Hole In The Wall. It's all local goodness, and always a bit of a surprise!