Shoeless In Siam & Scratching The Travel Itch

Season 2 - Episode 12

Why teachers can’t wear shoes inside in Bangkok, and how peer pressure can get you over your fear of travel. Make sure your socks are on straight for this episode!

An unseasonable cool front nailed China just as that nasty snowstorm hit the eastern seaboard of the US of A. We got awesome, sub-70s weather in Bangkok, which was a welcome change. And no, we don’t spend the whole show talking about the weather. Because boring.

We share two stories on today’s program, one from Bangkok, Thailand and one from Puducherry, India:

1. Shoeless In Siam

Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod

Bangkok is a shoe-obsessed city. People spend thousands of baht (do the conversion yourself) on shoes of all shapes and sizes. Which is weird for Evo, as he’s happy wearing his Chacos everywhere. And which is weird for Sheila, because wearing shoes inside is a no-no. Even in a job interview, as she soon found out.

2. Scratching The Travel Itch 

Music credit: Leopard Print Elevator by Kevin MacLeod

We hadn’t considered the effect of peer pressure on helping people to travel, but Smriti Modi is counting on it. That’s the gist behind her travel startup, The Itch List. As she says, it’s sort of like a bucket list, but filled with things you’ll actually do. She also shares one of her favorite places to travel in her own home country.

We’re off to Kuala Lampur in a few days, so we’re sure to have stories to tell you next week of that adventure. But we’re also going back to Pattaya Beach with some friends who have a drinking problem (we may be that drinking problem) so there’s a chance we’ll forget. Or have something even more interesting to related. Such is our new life!

And That's The Show!

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